Setting Investment Goals - The Long-Term Investment Goals For Freelancers

Posted November 18, 2017

The biggest benefit of living the freelance lifestyle is the freedom it affords you. You can take holidays whenever you want, take time off to visit friends and family and splash out the enhanced profits you receive from being your own boss on cars, clothes and whatever else takes your fancy.

It’s important to remember, however, that if you want to be a freelancer in the long-term then it’s only logical that you make long-term investments too. The initial waterfall of cash when you start up as a freelancer can be difficult to splurge on short-term rewards and luxuries, but it’s important to plan for the future too with some sensible investments that are going to benefit you in the next 10, 20 and 30 years. Read below to find out a few of them.

Web Presence

Your website is the first thing that people are going to see when they’re looking to hire your services, and as such it’s essential that you continually invest in it to make yourself an attractive option.

If you haven’t already invested creating a super-slick mobile friendly website then do so now; mobiles are increasingly being used across the UK to browse the web, whether on the go or at home. A whopping X of people say that they turn off immediately when a website isn’t mobile optimized, and who can blame them?


You never know what type of work is around the corner, and in order to equip yourself for every opportunity, it’s vital that you expand your knowledge and skillset. Whether you’re investing your cash in courses that can expand your service offerings or simply investing your time in research that can enhance your capabilities, improving and widening your skillset is a sure-fire way to ensure long-term freelance success.

Client Base

Ever heard of the phrase ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket?’ Spending all your time with one or two big clients is an extremely risky move; if, for whatever reason, one or even both of your clients cease doing business with you you’re left without a source of income, at which point panic is going to set in. An easy way to remedy this and ensure that you enjoy a long and successful freelancing career is by investing your time into an array of clients. If one doesn’t want work for a period of time you’ll have many more to fall back on and won’t be left with the possibility of having to stop freelancing.

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